Product Spotlight E-mail Template

July 27, 2016

Project Name: Product Spotlight E-mail Template
Client: Sun Industries (in-house)
Type: HTML E-mail Design
Tools: PhotoshopIllustratorHTMLCSSAtom

A schedule of regular content releases was developed to cover the topics of company news, industry news and research, and product spotlights. This is the set of html e-mail designs created for the product spotlight e-mails that would get sent to subscribers.


This set of images are of the early e-mail designs. Creating html e-mails was something I haven’t had to do before, so this type of design was something totally new to me. These earlier designs were done while learning the in’s and out’s of the e-mail game, so they were kept as simple as possible to not come across as spam or to have issues in different e-mail clients. The first image in the set was used for monthly product spotlight e-mails for a couple months until the later round of design updates.


This set of images were the final round of updated designs. The idea was to include a “hero image” linked to the industry or vehicles that make use of the product. So with every spotlight release there would be a different related image used with the template, different forklifts, trucks, consumer vehicles, etc. The first image in the set was used as the new design for the newsletter e-mails. Around this time I felt more comfortable working with e-mails, so was able to try different things visually.